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My name is Rajnar Vajra (both "j"s sound like the one in Taj Mahal), but people call me Raj. Yes, I'm the Science Fiction and Fantasy writer you may know of, but this site is dedicated to the music lessons I offer and my teaching approach. Here, you’ll find some personal biography, sample lessons (links below) a weekly hint, and the tools I use to make learning easier and more effective. 

About me:

My first musical training was in classical piano. After playing lead guitar and keyboards in bands for many years, I began teaching music in Amherst in 1989. What I like about teaching is that I keep learning more about playing music and how best to help my students. I teach guitar, bass, keyboard, and voice, in a variety of styles and genres. My goal is to help you find and express your unique musical self while developing good musical habits.

I will teach you not only songs, exercises, and techniques, but also the underlying reasons why these things work. Wouldn't it be better to do more than simply play by rote? We will work with your mind, your hands, and your heart to make you the musician you can be. 


Or call me: Raj @ 413-253-7080

Thanks for looking!

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