Guitar and Bass lessons

If you have a strong desire to learn to play guitar or bass, I'd love to help you! I work with students from ages 6 to 66+ including absolute beginners, those who already play but are unsure how to progress, to professionals seeking to improve their skills.

Two things are unusual about my teaching: a depth of knowledge gained after many decades by my own constant desire to learn, and a commitment to apply the principles of biomechanics to make playing as comfortable and physically healthy as possible. 

Whatever your musical goals are, I will work with you to create a personalized curriculum so that you are making enjoyable, recognizable progress.

Does a beginner really need a good teacher?

You bet. Sure, you can learn basic chords and grab some tabs online, but without guidance, you can quickly develop bad habits that will slow your progress or leave you open to such hazards as repetitive stress injuries. Plus, many beginners get frustrated by the first challenges they run into, such as how to change chords rapidly, and think they are a lost cause. Not true!

You can learn to play to the degree you want & enjoy the guitar for a lifetime just as I do…but, most people need help to get there, or to get there faster, that’s where an instructor who both teaches & coaches you on your personal goals is necessary.

Feel free to call for rates and times: Raj @ 413-253-7080 or 

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