Keyboard lessons

I offer lessons to students from ages 6 to infinity, from total beginners on up. Although I'm a classically trained pianist, I specialize in teaching blues, rock, and neo-classical keyboard with a special emphasis on improvising. I'm using the term "keyboard" because it contains synths and samplers along with piano.

I include music theory in my guitar, bass, and vocal lessons but believe it is even more important for a keyboard player to understand the basis of scales, chords, chord changes, and harmonies. My goal in teaching keyboard is to give you the coordination, hand independence, and knowledge that will allow you to express your unique musical self.

Biomechanics for keyboard players

Thanks to Dorothy Taubman and others, piano teachers who are receptive to new approaches can offer their students playing techniques that are far less stressful to the hands and wrists. I will work with you to find the most comfortable, easiest, and safest way for you to perform.

I encourage my students to play by ear and by chart, but also highly recommend learning to read and sight-read from sheet music. It's not a hard skill to develop and a lot of fun.


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