Voice lessons

Singing is something that almost everyone can do, but very few do it well or in a way that preserves or improves the health of the vocal chords. Perhaps more than any other instrument, the human voice is capable of expressing the emotions, character, and spirit of the performer. My goal is to teach you how to access your full singing potential, and find your truest voice.

I teach a variety of styles and genres, and work with students from ages 6 to infinity.

Biomechanics for singers

Unless you had the unusual good fortune to start using your voice correctly from infancy, it is very likely that you've long since developed habits of posture and tension that interfere with the ease and beauty your voice is capable of. I will work with you to reprogram those interfering habits and make you the singer you deserve to be.

Combining insights from Speech Level singing, the Alexander Method approach, Qigong practice, and cutting edge discoveries relating to posture and breathing, I offer individualized training that may provide benefits far beyond music.


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